Martyn Burke works in a multitude of worlds, moving between novels, films, and documentaries. He has published six highly acclaimed novels, has recently won the Peabody Award the International Press Academy Auteur Award, and has been nominated for Emmys, Directors Guild, and Writers Guild awards for his feature and television films. He has made award winning television and theatrical documentaries including the Academy Award-short listed Under Fire: Journalists in Combat, and on other topics ranging from traveling carnivals to terrorism.
. . . a wonder of intense, cinematic storytelling. It is also a novel that works well on many different levels, as comedy, romance, period piece, thriller, switching fluidly from one to another…Considering the treacherous characters and grimly comic incidents, the reader may be surprised but not shocked by the ending. It is an ending that demonstrates Martyn Burke’s subtle understanding of human nature in some of its more cruel, enigmatic manifestations. He has written a novel that is honest, inventive, memorable.
Wall Street Journal